Monday, June 09, 2008


The Adopt-an-Intersection project has been cancelled.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Hello, Happy is here once again!! I am launching a new "Adopt-an-Intersection" feature in the project!! Starting in April, people can e-mail me and tell me wich intersection(s) they want to adopt!! There is a cost however, and it is listed below!!

Cost Type
$1.00 FM @ RD
$1.50 FM @ FM
$2.00 SL @ RD
$2.50 SL @ FM
$5.00 SL @ SL SH @ RD
$6.25 SH @ FM
$7.50 SH @ SL
$10.00 SH @ SH US @ RD
$12.50 US @ FM
$15.00 US @ SL
$20.00 US @ SH
$22.50 US @ US I @ RD
$25.00 I @ FM
$30.00 I @ SL
$37.50 I @ SH
$45.00 I @ US
$50.00 I @ I
Key: RD=1.0/1.5 (From "Road"); FM=1.2/1.7 (From "Texas Farm-to-Market Road"); SL=1.3/1.8 (From "Texas State Highway Loop"); SH, US, I are self-explanatory.
You can reach me at!! Please include "Google Earth Highways Project" in the subject!!
Thank You!!

Friday, June 01, 2007


HAPPY WITH BREAKING NEWS: I have decided to release my project in using the phase system!! Oh yeah, by the way, the list of the phases is currently still a draft and will be published as soon as possible!! You can find a link to the releases here!! Thanks for your support!!


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hello, Happy here!! I have introduced a new way to organize my project!! Using Google Desktop's To Do function, I have created different "phases" for different highways between different highways!! Phases are grouped into SuperPhases, SuperPhases are grouped into MegaPhases, and MegaPhases are grouped into UltraPhases!! Interstate 5 Exit 12(Division Street) would be grouped as follows:

UltraPhase 1(Southern California): Mexican Border to California State Highway 41
MegaPhase 1(San Diego): Mexican Border to California State Highway 1
SuperPhase 1(San Diego): Mexican Border to California State Highway 78
Phase 3(National City): California State Highway 54 to California State Highway 15

Phases will follow later!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Status 04/15/07

Status Report for April 15, 2007

Icon Replacement: Finished I-5 from Exit 4(Coronado Avenue) to Exit 9(CA 54)

New Placemarks: None

Status 04/14/07

Status Report for April 14, 2007

Icon Replacement: None

New Placemarks: None

Friday, April 13, 2007

Status 04/13/07

Status Report for April 13, 2007

Icon Replacement: Finished I-805 from Exit 1B(CA 905) to Exit 8/9(CA 54/Sweetwater Road) and I-5 from Exit 3(CA 905) to Exit 4(Coronado Avenue)

New Placemarks: None